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About ImageNova

ImageNova is a British film production company producing distinctive and engaging visual cross platform content. Our background in narrative filmmaking has formed a unique visual style that combines with our passion for telling powerful stories. Situated in the Midlands, ImageNova was founded by Bipin Anand and Kieran Chauhan in 2009.

We work with our clients to explore every possibility when it comes to content creation, working with a talented team of individuals that deliver high production value. ImageNova produce content in the following areas: Web Advertisements, Online Content/Channels, Narrative Films, Documentaries, Broadcast, and Promotional Videos.

Promotional Videos

ImageNova combines a background in narrative films and documentary to infuse style and personality into a promotional video, working with a talented team and talented freelancers to deliver professional content to our client.


Online Channels

We create online channels and video campaigns. We create online content that is targeted for distribution on online platforms, including social media and websites. We are currently working with Academy Award®  winning Cooke Optics (Cooke Optics TV) interviewing world renowned cinematographers and producing a historical web series with the Royal Collection Trust and The British Museum (400 Years).


Web Advertisments

Our scriptwriters create a concept that tell your story, working with your team to produce a broadcast-standard high-impact film for use on your social media campaigns and other advertising platforms.



We have explored a variety of fascinating stories for clients across the globe. Whether working on a documentary about Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman or exploring the history of black music in Leicester, our team welcome and pitch new projects.